Nuclear energy, also called  as atomic energy is an energy that is released in significant amounts in processes that affect atomic nuclei, the dense cores of atoms. Nuclear energy is a zero pollutant emission energy forming process however nuclear reaction produce harmful radioactive substance which need to be disposed carefully.

Nuclear Energy

There are over 400 power reactors in the world. Nuclear power plant establishing race started in early 70s and was a major energy producing activity till 90s. World moved its focus toward renewable energy from late 90 as nuclear energy production comes along with larger responsibilities of radio active matter disposal and we seen few manmade super disaster during nuclear energy production. 1986’s nuclear accident of Chernobyl is one among such accidents which pushed energy production race toward more sustainable and less harmful sources.

Below is the list of world’s top 10 nuclear power plants based on their energy production capacity.

S.N Name of Nuclear Plant Capacity Established In Location
1 Kashiwazaki-Kariwa  8,212 MWh 1980 Niigata prefecture, Japan
2 Uljin  6,157 MWh  1983 Gyeongsangbuk-do province, South Korea
3 Yonggwang  6,137 MWh  1981 Yonggwang, South Korea
4 Zaporizhzhia  6,000 MWh  1980 Enerhodar, Ukraine
5 Gravelines  5,706 MWh  1974 Gravelines, France
6 Paluel  5,528 MWh  1977 Normandy, France
7 Cattenom  5,448 MWh  1979 Cattenom, France
8 Bruce  5,090 MWh  1971 Inverhuron & Tiverton, Canada
9 Oi 4,710 MWh Japan
10 Fukushima Daiichi  4,696 MWh  1971 Okuma, Japan

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