Global economic slowdown, Corona Pandemic, and increasing greed of territorial occupation has triggered the fear across the world. USA- China Spat over the origin of coronavirus and trade war has reached to a level where a slight miscalculated step of either party can push whole world into a dark phase of World War 3. This time World War 3 wont be fought only with deadly arsenal rather with technology, trade and medical grounds.

World War 3 Possible Hot Spots

Let’s discuss  4  Possible hot spots or  Red zones which have a high potential to ignite WW3 due to a volatile situation and conflicting history attached to them.

  1. US and China
  2. China and All World Powers
  3. China and South China Ocean
  4. US and North Korea

US and China

The United States of America and China’s relationship has been particularly tense in recent years. A long trade war is on verge of end through a trade deal between the two countries would seem to alleviate some tensions but implementation remains in question due to newly raised distrust of coronavirus, its origin and China’s foul play suspicion.

Currently, the world’s two largest economies are locked in a bitter trade battle. The dispute, which has simmered for nearly 18 months, has seen the US and China impose tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of one another’s goods.US President Donald Trump has long accused China of unfair trading practices and intellectual property theft, while in China, there is a perception that the US is endeavoring to curb its rise as a global economic power.

One more reason for this bitterness is China’s close relationship with USA’s arc rival Russia and North Korea

If the newly developed situation worsen to escalate, it could lead to military confrontation in areas such as the South or East China Seas.

China and All World Powers

Corona Pandemic is the current focal point of all world powers. Almost the entire globe is affected by corona pandemic, in particular, corona has devastated world’s most developed nations and economic powers such as Spain, France, Germany, Britain, USA, Japan, Belgium, India. . Few of these countries openly holding China responsible for this fiasco as it would have been easier to handle spread and take corrective measures if China had warned the world at time remaining. US president accused china for hiding information about corona virus origin and the deaths it has infested in China. Chinese government is denying all such allegations but few noted scientists (French Nobel prize winning scientist Luc Montagnier ) raised question on the origin of coronavirus and stating that its man made virus developed as bio weapon by china to take on all world economic powers.

US, Japan, Germany , France , Britain , South Korea and Spain has taken stern action to discourage economical activities with China. Recently Japan announced a 2.2 Billion USD package to relocated business units out of China. South Korean major’s Hyundai is moving its manufacturing units out of China after Japan’s announcement. This China boycott may create a snow ball effect and other Nations too follow trade relocation process from China.

Manufacturing unit exodus would be a terrifying big cost for china to manage and overcome, which might lead to uncertain developments and push the whole world toward an Economic World War 3.

China and South China Ocean

China’s illegal claim of south china sea which poses a danger to the small South China Sea Nations in East Asia has created concern worldwide.  Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and China all claim south china sea under its territory. In last 4-5 years, China has developed many man-made islands in South China sea and deterring exploratory activities of other nations. Australia, India along with USA is keeping a close eye on new developments in the region. Recently USA sent it ‘s 2 warships in South China sea and conducted Elephant walk exercise to send a strong message to China to stop any misadventure in the aforesaid region. America doesn’t have any direct connection with South China Sea but as a world superpower it has always deter other nations to maintain territorial limits. America is famous for starting the conflict and then it may walk out of the middle of the storm to make other small nations pay against China’s mighty Naval power. South China sea contains many natural resources and a race to claim that may lead to an Armed conflict which have high possibility to turn into WW3

US and North Korea

North Korea’s irrational behavior has always been a high tension spot for America. US President Trump tried to mend his ways with Kim Jong though a bilateral talk but all went in vain. Despite all warning and threats from USA , North Korea continue to perform it nuclear and missile tests. Recent News about North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un’s health and uncertainty over the new ruler.  US has put many sanctions against North Korea for not dismantling their Nuclear Program. North Korean leader  King Jong-UN is known for his reckless behavior and his one misadventure can lead to a military offensive by the US , which might face an immediate rebut from All-weather North Korean friend China.

Post-Corona pandemic there would be an opportunity for each nation to evaluate its national policy on self-dependence and securing its boundaries against all kinds of possible threats to its citizens. Economic Slow down may create some ripples of chaos but self-reliant economies would certainly stir away of this troubled time. Lets all hope for a collective responsible behavior from all nations to keep each other’s Independence and Nation interest intact.

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