World Health Organization used to be God’s word but not anymore. WHO is hijacked with some unknown paranoia which paralyzed its active research and response on any health disaster

WHO is a joke on all us who believes its Superemecy on medical response

Countries across the world start questioning the signification of WHO and its feasibility if it is just another organizational failure when we required it most.  America’s President Donald Trump has been very vocal about the World Health Organization’s role in Coronavirus handling.

Many nations, especially poor ones, currently depend on the WHO for medical help and supplies. WHO failed measurably during the corona pandemic and failed all the expectations of the countries which are looking toward it for medical rescue.

WHO is not sure about its own research on coronavirus. One day they issue some statement telling about its spread that it won’t spread through touching and second day some scientist at WHO  issue just opposite statement. Its time to rethink how WHO works

 Major reasons for  WHO’s failure on Corona pandemic

The world desperately needs a well functioning International Medical organization that can tackle corona like pandemics with the blazing response time. Its not the first time WHO been failed in response it was same when Ebola was destroying west Africa and WHO was just a mook spectator. There may be hundreds of reasons for its failure but we can divide them into 4 major point

  • Lack of Independency
  • Transparency
  • Too Much of Beaurocacy
  • Too much dependency on individuals research (no real groundwork from the WHO research team)

Lack of Independency

WHO works on funding provided by its member states. Countries that contribute most have their dominance on it’s decision making and working style. In July 2017 China was very aggressive when the new WHO chief was to be appointed. Before current leadership WHO Worked well in advance in a warning and sending medical supplies to  the world in time. This time it’s different when Dr. Tedros Adhanom chooses to stick with the Chinese official position including its data coverups.


The internally recognized institution must have transparency to its core but this time the World Health Organization seems less inclined toward any transparent practice. Many countries are asking too many questions about China’s role in coronavirus and reasons of WHO’s slow response in declaring it as a Global Pandemic.

Too Much of Beaurocacy

It seems that the WHO works more as a back-office organization than the front runner ground team. It took too many days to decide upon declaring Corona as Pandemic. The big reason behind the wide criticism of WHO for declaring a pandemic too early during the 2009 swine flu pandemic so this time WHO took its time to declare it as a global crisis.

Too much dependency on individuals research

Since November 2020 World Health Organization is working as a Chinese official spokesperson.  They are following the official line of the Chinese government despite a lot of whistleblowers been silenced by China. WHO didn’t take stock of persisting ground situation nor it bothered to do a ground check of the situation despite having all the superpowers it may need to perform these tasks.

World Health Assembly Meeting -Probing WHO’s Role 

The 73rd session of the World Health Assembly (WHA) took place recently. During the session, countries including India, Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, UK and Canada accepted a resolution asking for an “impartial, independent and comprehensive evaluation” of the World Health Organization’s response to the corona pandemic as well as the identification of the source of the coronavirus.

WHO Stays

Whatever may be the reason for WHO’s failure as an international health Guardian, It needs to introspect and introduce the reforms for more active response and independent working.

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