Today’s History आज का इतिहास – 19 April

Top 5 Incidents from India and World History on 19 April-  Treaty of London, Champaran Satyagarah by Gandhi, First  Satellite Aaraybhatt, Belgium become a Kingdom  and more

1    .      1839 – The Treaty of London establishes Belgium as a kingdom and guarantees its neutrality.

  • First Treaty of London, the Convention of 1839, the Treaty of Separation, the Quintuple Treaty of 1839, or the Treaty of the XXIV articles
  • Signed between Concert of Europe, the United Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Kingdom of Belgium.

2   .     1917-  First Satyagraha movement led by Gandhi at Champaran, Bihar India

  • The farmers were protesting against having to grow indigo (Neel) with barely any payment for it.
  • Champaran Satyagraha was the first popular satyagraha movement
  • was joined by many young nationalists from all over India, including Babu Gaya Prasad Singh, Brajkishore Prasad, Rajendra Prasad, Anugrah Narayan Sinha, Acharya Kriplani, Ram Navami Prasad and later Jawaharlal Nehru

3   .     1971 – Sierra Leone becomes a republic, and Siaka Stevens the president

  • Capital: FreetownCurrency – Sierra Leonean leoneOfficial Language- English
  • Republic of Sierra Leone, informally Salone is a country on the southwest coast of West Africa
  • The nation achieved independence from Britain on 27 April 1961
  • Milton Margai became the first Prime Minister
  • On 19 April 1971, Siaka Stevens’ government abolished Sierra Leone’s parliamentary system and declared Sierra Leone a presidential republic
  • Recently in NEWS – Ebola Outbreak in 2014

4   .     1971 – Launch of the first space station Salyut 1 by Russia

  • Salyut 1 (DOS-1) was the first space station of any kind, launched into low Earth orbit by the Soviet Union
  • Construction of Salyut 1 began in early 1970, and after nearly a year it was shipped to the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Some remaining assembly work had yet to be done, and this was completed at the launch center
  • The Purpose of Salyut was to test the elements of the systems of a space station and to conduct scientific research and experiments

5    .       1975 – India’s first satellite Aryabhata launched in orbit from Kapustin Yar, Russia.

  • It was built by the ISRO
  • It was built to conduct experiments in X-ray astronomy, aeronomics, and solar physics.
  • A power failure halted experiments after four days and 60 orbits with all signals from the spacecraft lost after five days of the operation though Spacecraft’s mainframe remained active till March 1981.
  • Due to orbital decay the satellite entered Earth’s atmosphere on 11 February 1992


  • 1957 – Mukesh Ambani was Born
  • 1977 – Anju Bobby George- She is India’s first and only World Champion(bronze) in Athletics IAAF World Athletics Final 2003.

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