Success too have a darker shade phrase seems very apt when we look at the insanely famous people around us. let’s try to understand this fact of life with the help of 2 extreme examples. by the examples taken in this article my mission is not to demean or assess the contribution the society or the field they were attached with. the Only idea behind these examples is to understand the non pleasant sides of a successful man’s behavior.

Mahatma Gandhi- A Success with Moral Hollowness

Mahatma Gandhi a name symbolic to simplicity and the struggle. How does Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi become Mahatma is story not to tell anyone as whole world is well versed with his undoubting continuous struggle with British empire for the betterment of Indian people.

Mahatma Gandhi fought to the bones with the Britishers to secure rights of Indian people and became the epitome of nationalism. Since 1915 the day  his political career started till the last day of his death , he remained committed toward to people of India. All this positive side of his life make us remember his good deeds only and we chose to ignore the darker side of his.

Mahatma Gandhi’s Naked Sleeping Experiment with young girls

We all must have heard about gandhi’s experiment of sleeping naked with young women (Sushila Nayar -his personal doctor and his grandnieces Abha and Manu ) to prove his celibacy or Brahamcharya. May be his intention was more sacred than the fire itself but at the age of 74 doing all this naked experiments seems little disgusting. What did he wanted to accomplish with such impetuous idea to prove strong sexual determination.  We often ignore this distortion of his character by not seeing that way but the truth is always bitter.

Gandi Vs Subhash Chandra Boss

Gandhi’s another very well known egoistic difference with Subhash Chandra Boss highlights his character’s darker shade. In 1939, Bose was elected president of the Indian National Congress by defeating Pattabhi Sitaramayya who had been supported by Gandhi himself. Gandhi couldn’t accept the fact that people like Subhash and ultimately boss had to resign from the post due to Gandhi’s egotistic behavior. Many of the qualities that make people great have darker shades  as well. Gandhi’s singular focus on politics meant that everything else in his life had to take a back seat, including his family, friends, his children and even the morality.

The Pablo Picaso success story of failed love life

Its just an example we can take another example from a foreign land to understand the universality of darker shade in successful people. Pablo Picasso one of the greatest artist of 20th century. What made Picasso great was not just how much art he produced, but also how he produced it. Most of us  have a  relationship with our love of life and maintain a variety of hobbies and interests during different periods. Picasso was the reverse. His primary relationship was with his work (Art ), while his lovers were like hobbies and passing interests, things he experimented with for a period here and there. Picasso did a great job in field of producing art but miserably failed in love life with 3 failed marriages and numerous extra marital affairs . All his personal failure makes him morally little lesser as a human being but still his Art stand strong. Picasso’s success too have a darker shade.

With the above 2 extreme examples i have to put forward  the idea that strengths have trade offs, especially extreme versions of strengths, holds true in nearly every field.

Is success worth the darker shade

Success is really hard to define easily. Some of us living a mediocre life with their children going to good school means success, for some of us having all the latest gazettes and the facilities make them feel successful. Its not that you have to become a bad ass to be considered as successful. It is something what we perceive. It is easy to want financial security or having a great body to admire in front of the mirror. Everybody wants those things. Do you want to spend two extra hours at work each day rather than with your family ? Do you want to wake up early and go to the gym when you feel like sleeping in? Different people have different answers and you’ll have to decide what is best for you, but pretending that the darker shade isn’t there is not a good strategy.Everything comes with a price tag its our choice what we want to trade off in return.

Successful Life-An Imperfect Balance

Our life needs a perfect balance, the things that make people great in one area often make them miserable in others. Success can be defined as the extreme end of an area of interest we want to achieve, the more we focus on a single side dimension more we cast away from the balance of life.

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