Each of us wants everything in life and that everything literally comes down to each and every single item which we can think of or hear about. Humans have a tendency of collecting things in their bag whether they utilize it or not but it feels good when you have that tick mark on the list. Life is not just about the material, we need a lot of intangible things as well like Health, Relationship, Respect, Goodwill, and Success.

What is Life?

Life is all about curiosity which we better know as questions. When we have lot of questions with us, we try to find out the answer and this answer finding spree is called Life. Let us start questioning ourselves on a daily basis to discover our real potential.

Everything comes at a price and most of the time we find ourselves in a web of never-ending desires which makes us more vulnerable than ever. Most of the time we get confused between the need and desire, required or unnecessary. Challenging ourselves brings out more of real us. So Start questioning yourselves to realize your true inner sense.

Avoid the unavoidable 

How can we avoid the unavoidable in our daily life to keep the peace and feeling of satisfaction? There are questions which decide the direction of our life journey, if we feel that we are not going the right way, the course correction is possible at every step by doing little self-evaluation,  Let’s start doing tough questions to ourselves which makes our life unmessy and happier.

Where do you see yourself in society and want to become?

Humans are herd animals and all we need in this world is lot of people like us. We all get inspired to become someone in our life and most of the time it is induced by our surroundings. Remember those childhood days when the most common question of your daily life used to be, What do you want to become?  wantedly or unwantedly you answer something like Doctor, Engineer, Pilot etc.

Now the situation has changed, you have developed your own intelligence to see through things. You can decide what is good or bad for you. So answer the above question with utmost clarity and conviction because this is what you will become in life. How do you want to see yourself in society or what type of role you desire for yourself?

What area of life do you want to settle down?

This is the most difficult question to answer if you are not aware of the feeling of happiness. What makes you happy is the most simplistic answer to your question to the area of settlement or career. Lot of people become what their surrounding wants them to, but they don’t feel happy inside and always find themselves tied with something they don’t love doing. What do you want ? Money, Fame or Happiness, is entirely up to you. All these things may come into same package if you are wise enough to choose whats you really enjoy doing. Else whole life you will be jumping from one branch to another for better fruit of life. The choice might be difficult to live on but this is what really makes you who you really are or meant to be.

How do you make your surroundings better?

We all have something to share with our surrounding, it can be anything ranging from Wisdom to monetary value items. How do you make your surroundings better, than it was earlier, makes you an important part of the society and people start to value you for your contribution? Everyone wants someone who makes them more equipped to achieve their goals.

What do you fear most and your planning to overcome that fear?

Fear is good for survival but it has a tendency to keep you away from your real potential. Unless you overcome your worst fear, you would always have an excuse to justify your failures. Recognize and accept your fear and make plans to overcome it. We all learn something every day and it starts from the acknowledgment and acceptance. Never shy away to admit your fear, face it every day until it becomes new normal as other things in your life.

Are you being true to your core values?

We may have different shades of life according to the situation but staying true to core values is very important. When we set a life goal we take that decision based on our value system and our efforts are calibrated according to that system only. Question your Allegiance every day to reinforce it in your behavior and your goal will become clearer to you.

if you achieve your goals how would you feel, what you can do right now to develop that feeling?

This is a very unsettling question due to its dynamic nature, at some point in time we desire something, and as soon as we reach that level, suddenly our need changes. This question inquires the intensity and extent to which you can involve yourself to attain a target.

What is stopping you to do things that you should be doing?

We all know that diagnosis of the disease is half cure, a detailed diagnosis put lots of options on the table to start treatment based on the pros and cones of the individual’s present situation. It is the same process in everyday life, Correct evaluation of your resource and requirement enables you to take the correct decision which brings you near to your dream.

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