Whole world is converted from a High Definition  to Blurry Standard Definition  mode due to Corona Virus. Every thing from Airline to Entertainment had an immense impact on the services it offers across the board. India also has come under the 21  Lock Down or we can call it Home Arrest Mode.

No More HD Videos on You tube and NetFlix

India’s 21 Days lock down has increased stress on online service providers such as Internet service providers, Banking services, Online entertainment service. Internet usage for an average person has increased his/her in last 5 days.

Who are the Major Bandwidth Users

  1. Online Learning Platforms (Most of students in India rely on You tube for Online Study )
  2. Entertainment Platforms (Netflix, Amazon prime, Vimeo etc)
  3. Financial Institutions
  4. Mobile Apps (Ticktock, Helo, Online games, Online Classes etc)
  5. Smart TV

The Corona Pandemic outbreak has led to a full day TV theater to home and using the Internet more than ever : for work, utility, and entertainment that includes watching and streaming TV channels, you tube or any other entertainment source.

Recently Google had announced that it was temporarily defaulting all videos on YouTube to standard definition in the European region but soon after the change has been incorporated globally, even as an official statement from Google said that the company will ‘continue to work closely with governments and network operators to do our part to minimise stress on the system during this unprecedented situation of corona virus.

Apart from the World’s biggest tech giant google , Netflix  a major platform for online entertained service had announced reduction of its bandwidth by 25% for next 30 days . This  streaming Band width reduction will ease the burden on internet service providers and they will be able to continue their services more effective even if the per user usage increase upto 20 % on the average band width usage.

An hour of Standard Definition video (SD )uses about 1GB of data, while HD can use up to 3GB an hour. so overall reduction of 33 % on bandwidth by switching the video format to standard definition.

What is the impact on Video quality

The bandwidth reduction (Video format switching from HD to SD) will surely downgrade the quality of videos or user experience but certainly increase possibility of  the seamless services even during the Country wide Lock downs.

Bandwidth reduction measures taken by these two companies are aligned with the National government’s determination of providing Internet services without any disruption so the basic functions doesn’t suffer.

What shall an ordinary internet user do

Country wise lock downs are not normal anywhere in the world. It is the extreme measure taken by government and law enforcement agencies to keep their Citizens safe for corona Pandemic. As an ordinary internet user we also shall do our bit by changing our internet user pattern. Switch to basic quality of all video platforms so the stress on the ISP come down to  a bearable level and our supply keep intact even if user hours increase in a moderate rate.


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