Prime Minister Narendra Modi Announces extension in Lock down till 3 may 2020 . Staying in Lock down for whole month is New normal for Indian Citizens. Amid various speculations of easing in economical activities

New Normal -Corona Lockdown 2.0

On eve of Ambedkar jayanti Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated people of India for their patience and self discipline in fight against corona. He assured that Indian people’s life is more precious than any economical loss  during lockdown.

How to continue fight against Corona ?

Indian government is extensively engaged with state governments, political parties and research institutes to find new way to handle corona crisis.Indian Government will be evaluating corona hot spots till 20th April to allow any kind of activities. Areas with Zero new cases will be allowed to perform limited conditional economical activities during this lockdown

Modi urges people to Follow below mentioned 7 Step to effectively fight corona

  1. Take care of Old age people specially people suffering from any kind of disease
  2. Lock down and Social Distancing to be followed
  3. Boost immunity with food items prescribed by Ayush Mantralay (Ayush Ministry)
  4. Install Aarogra Setu app in every mobile
  5. Help poor families around you during lockdown
  6. Don’t fire people associated with you in your company during this corona crisis
  7. Respect Corona Warriors (Police, Doctors , Medical Staff, essential service providers)

Detailed Guideline for corona lockdown extension will be given tomorrow

Central government will be issuing guidelines for Corona Hot spot evaluation and economic activity resumption

Download Detailed GuidelinesClick Here

Activities Exempted from Lock Down 2

Central government has taken cognizance of problems faced by daily wagers and working toward resuming activities to provide them work. these special exemption will be conditional in nature and if any corona case is reported at such areas will revoke the exemption with immediate effect. Following activities will be allowed during lock down in green zones.


Will keep you posted for latest updates and guidelines issued by Indian Government.

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