Whole world is struggling with COVID-19 and searching the way out of this deadly pandemic.  Special Representative of World Health Organization Dr.  David Navarro had cleared some air about Indian concerns of corona virus and its handling by Government of India.

As per various medical studies hot weather invites lot of infections and due to this high infectious phenomenon  people residing at such places have more antibodies than any normal human being. India is a hot weather country and basically having more infectious disease than any developed nation. Our healing process depends more on self healing than external medication which makes us perfect to effective containment of covid-19 by using precautions.

India Defeated so far

  1. Effective eradication of Polio
  2. Chicken Pox

It is a very positive statement made by World Health Organization for India but this doesn’t make us immune to corona virus.

How India will Defeat Corona Pandemic ?

Fight against any unknown enemy ie.Corona is as tough as finding a shooting target in a dark room. Corona pandemic has decimated tall claims of medical fraternity and its advanced medical procedure. Even most advanced economies of world struggling to keep the death toll in check and failing measurably . So far India has been able to limit the corona spread but we need to support Indian government’s efforts by social isolation. Following are few anchors of our fight against corona pandemic.

  1. Lockdown
  2. Self Immunity
  3. Population’s Age Group
  4. Common Malaria infections &  BCG Vaccination


Corona virus doesn’t have any cure, only social distancing and lock down is an effective measure to fight  corona virus. only lock down is an effective prevention and treatment available at time being. If the lock down is followed properly, we can get rid of corona virus  in about 45 days.

Self Immunity

Individual immunity plays vital role in diseases which is not curable by any medicine. People having mild infections have high probability of a hyper active immune system which fights any new infection effectively. We advice our readers to keep using food which increases immunity and keep the shield up to fight corona.

Population age group

Age group of any demography decides the spread of any pandemic disease.  According to United Nations demographic report India tops the list with 356 million young people as the country of world’s largest youth population. Health data shows that young people have more bodily resistance against any disease than older and child age groups. India is the home of worlds youngest population and this is very positive for us.

The Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission published on Feb 28 following are the corona virus statistics for different age group

confirmed cases all cases
80+ years old 21.90% 14.80%
70-79 years old 8.00%
60-69 years old 3.60%
50-59 years old 1.30%
40-49 years old 0.40%
30-39 years old 0.20%
20-29 years old 0.20%
10-19 years old 0.20%
0-9 years old no fatalities

Above data show that 10 to 39 Age group has a low mortality rate of .20% for corona virus and India being a young country have better chances to fight this epidemic.

Common Malaria infections &  BCG Vaccination

Indian Council of  Medical Research recently added Hydoxycholoquien into Schedule H1 of Indian drug act after seeing its effectiveness in prevention of corona disease. This particular drug is being used for treatment of malaria disease which is very common in India. People having Malaria infection history shows a greater resistance to corona virus due to antibody presence in immune system and choloquin help activate the immune response

According to recently published report of New York Institute of Technology stated  that countries without universal policies of BCG vaccination, such as Italy, the Netherlands, and the United States, have been more severely affected compared to countries with universal and long-standing BCG policies. BCG Vaccine is the live weakened form of mycobacterium bovis — the causative agent of tuberculosis in cattle — related to mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacteria which causes tuberculosis in humans. However scientist from NYIT clarify that BCG vaccine is not a cure against corona virus infection but it surely decreases the intensity of disease. this particular vaccine had already shown effectiveness in SARS infection which is very similar to corona virus.

The CSIR-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) in Hyderabad director said that this study from NYIT is very interesting and helpful to start upon data compilation related to this.

Silver Lining in Corona Pandemic

Corona virus is pandemic which need at most support for common people and their social isolation initiative. we dont want to spread any rumors by any mean of false information. Above mentioned all aspects of Indian fight against corona virus has taken from well recognized institutions with full responsibility.  Such valid facts are a silver lining in corona pandemic.

Stay Home, Stay Safe


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