The Corona Pandemic has taken the whole world under it’s control. Started from China and spread across the global in just 2 months little time without any effective barrier.  Almost all the countries of the world are surrounded by this Pandemic. Every day corona virus is adding more and more new country or provinces in its empire. International institutions are trying hard to prevent the spread of this deadly pandemic. In a recently held  virtual conference of  G-20 countries, has announced  an investment of $ 5 trillion  to deal with this epidemic. Every country suffering from this pandemic is making every possible effort to stop the infection  by imposing  Countrywide Lock downs.

What is a Lock down?

Lock down is an emergency measure or situation in which people are temporarily barred from leaving their place during a threat so that the administration can deal with the danger in time.

  • In the event of lock-down, all types of activities are prohibited except for essential services (medical services, essential commodities such as milk, vegetables, ration, electricity, water, etc.).
  • In the event of lock down, only after prior written permission, a person can leave only for the fulfillment of special services only.

How the Corona Virus spreads

  • As we all know that there is no cure for corona virus yet, its infection is transmitted from infected human to other healthy human by bodily fluids (, Sneeze, mouth water, nose water, saliva). This corona virus survives for a few hours without a human body which can be facilitated by confined ourselves  into locked down or social isolation.
  • Before understanding the effect of lock down, we have to understand the life span of corona virus
  1. In open air – 3-4 hours
  2. Hard smooth infected surface (steel, glass, marble) – 72 hours
  3. Normal hard surface (cardboard, paper, cloth) – 24 hours

Now you must have understood that by staying in social isolation, infection of this virus can be avoided without any medicine.

 Success Story of China’s Lock Down

Based on Chinese government data, the first case of corona virus was registered in December 2019 and China started taking necessary steps after that. On 23 January 2020 China announced a nationwide lock-down and after two months, has now started the process of ending  this lock-down.

Initially people were allowed to move out of their homes, but soon the restrictions tightened. Some areas are limited to one family member every two days to purchase items of need. Others barred residents from leaving, requiring them to order from couriers for food and other supplies.

Prior to China lock down, scientists speculated that each coronovirus infected person passed the infection to more than two other people, which would increase its ability to spread rapidly. Early models of the spread of the disease, which did not factor in prevention efforts, suggested that the corona virus would infect 40% of China’s population i.e. about 500 million people.

 Effect’s of  Lock down

  • No new infection has been reported in China since last 5 days after 2 months of lock down.
  • It is clear that the measures implemented during this lock down time have done their job well and social isolation and Lock Down  is the most effective method to warding off the virus
  • . Wuhan city of China, which is considered to be the cradle of this epidemic, is also attempting to completely normalize, all service will be normally resumed from 8 April after official termination of almost 3 months.

How the lock down extension will help in corona spread?

Other than China  no other country  has taken the decision to end lock down for starting normal life after being hit by the corona Pandemic rather all other countries are imposing some new restrictions every day in the battle against COVID-19.

Final Say

There is no cure for corona virus other than the human body’s own immunity. Scientists believe that it is not possible to check the corona virus infection of all the people of any geography, only lock down is an effective prevention and treatment available at time being. If the lock down is followed properly, we can get rid of corona virus  in about 45 days.

Considering all these things and the current situation of India, it seems that such a large population of the country can be controlled only by extending lock-down, otherwise what disaster will this pandemic create in a country of 130 crore people, is beyond our imagination.

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