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#1. Recently Aditya Puri has sold how much of his stake in HDFC bank ?

#2. World IVF day is celebrated on 25 July, What is IVF ?

#3. India’s first honey testing lab has been established in which city ?

#4. Recently operation Legend has been initiated, it is related to which country ?

#5. Which is the world’s most surveillance city per 1000 people ?

#6. which rank India hold in Global forest resource assessment ?

#7. Which state will host the 4th edition of Khelo India youth games in 2021 ?

#8. Recently which of the following country has recently eases drone export standards over the missile technology control regime commitments ?

#9. Maldives independence day was celebrated on 26 July, When was it gained independence from Britain ?

#10. Which among below is not part of high throughput COVID-19 testing lab ?

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Daily Current Affairs Booster Quiz दैनिक सामान्य ज्ञान क्विज -27 Jul 2020

Simp  Simplified Shiksha’s Daily Current Affairs -Honey testing lab, IVF day, operation legend, high throughput lab, Maldives independence day, Khelo India youth games, global forest resource assessment ranking and many more

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