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#1. World Lion Day is observed on which date ?

#2. According to a recently published report BCG vaccine had been effective in developing immune response against COVID-19, BCG is used against which disease ?

#3. Which state will establish first electric vehicle park in India?

#4. Recently Rajnath singh announced ban on import of how many type of defense items to promote self reliance in defense sector ?

#5. Who is the author of book “Making sense of Indian Democracy”?

#6. Which is India’s first city to use female figure in traffic signal lights ?

#7. Which state has launched the “Indira Van Mitna” Scheme ?

#8. World Biofuel Day is observed on ?

#9. Which insurance company has launched a “Special Revival Campaign” to revive lapsed policies ?

#10. Recently who has announced the resignation of his government due to Beirut blast ?

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Daily Current Affairs Booster Quiz दैनिक सामान्य ज्ञान क्विज – 11 Aug 2020

Simp  Simplified Shiksha’s Daily Current Affairs –  World Biofuel Day , Indira Van Mitna Scheme, India’s first city to use female figure in traffic signal lights  mumbai , Making sense of Indian Democracy, first electric vehicle park in India, World Lion Day and many more

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