It’s been 5 months since we have come across the deadly corona pandemic which originated from Wuhan China. its been the phase of lockdowns social distancing, isolations, and what not to save us from this deadly disease. Our scientists are working hard to find a cure but all are just expecting something for the future .

Now the question is, What will be the next phase of Lockdowns?

  • We cant stay indoor whole life
  • We cant put economies on stake forever
  • We cant do work from home for next few years.
  • What is the way forward to overcome corona pandemic

Corona Road – A tough path to walk upon

With tones of information available on television, social media, newspaper and every possible source of information, we all are very much clear about that corona is going to stay little longer with us than expected. We have only 2 option with us now –

  •  Either we start living with it
  • or we Confined ourself into closets

Both options are not easy to follow  and needs special understanding about the disease how to prevent it and staying within the limits of social interaction as directed by health organizations. Each option have its pros and cone,Lets understand both options with their limitations and advantages

Start living with Corona in our Daily Life (New Normal)

it’s scary but it is the practical option we have with us start living with corona in our daily life and accept it as new normal. When wide wide lockdowns started few people were still on jobs to keep up the supply of essentials to us and they are living with a corona in their daily life for last 4-5 months. It’s hard to live with the all-time restrictions but when you have something in your lap that cant be avoided, we have to accept it as part of life. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Suggested Lockdown 4 with such restrictions and start normal life again.

Confined ourself into closets 

we are very familiar with this option as we all are living with it for last 2 months. Keeping ourselves to our homes, socially distanced with minimal outer interaction. This is the best option we have to stay away from deadly pandemic corona.

Which option is good for us?

This is a very subjective question and each one of us may have a different opinion about the choice. There are several factors that narrow down the confusion and let you choose what is best for you.

People living with ample resources may have fewer things to worry about during lockdown but daily wager, middle-class working population has a great burden to feed their families, meet their daily needs of food, shelter, health, and security. For them its a battle between of survival if they don’t start working they won’t be able to feed their families for long. The government is doing its part of food distribution but that is not the only requirement we humans have.

Lots of countries have started easing lockdown with the strict guideline to follow during work. An easing lockdown may become worse decision if not properly monitored and followed as its a contagious disease and with keep precaution, it can spread to every single living human being.

Corona Road- A Silver lining of hope with restriction in hand

Humans are the best known to show courage, willingness and self-control during unfavorable times. Let’s all resume our normal life with restrictions in hand for future growth. We cant handover a fractured planet to our offsprings, we need to build a better world where people can live without fear of taken by a deadly virus or any other such uncertainty.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

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