India is going under the second phase of countrywide Lockdown. Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended lockdown till 3 May 2020. Despite immense economical losses on many fronts (Capital market, Manufacturing, Service sector, Agriculture and Transport) Government took a centralized decision to keep up with the steady lockdown to tackle the corona pandemic. However, Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi indicated that there will be a decentralized lockdown exit strategy based on the severity of the situation.

India’s Corona Lockdown Exit Strategy

Current Status of Corona in India

According to world health organization and independent research organization India has done a tremendous job in the corona crisis by limiting it to a small portion of its huge populations with the limited resources it has in comparison of developed nations. The total number of corona cases in India has reached to 12546 and fatalities to 423  till today. Few states are contentiously witnessing a rise in new corona cases whereas few states are still untouched by this life-threatening disease. The Union health ministry has identified 170 districts as Covid-19 hotspots and 207 districts as potential hotspots, 325 districts have not reported any corona case so far.

Why We Can not extend Lock-down any further

Practically lockdown is a time-buying strategy in hope that scientist will develop some vaccines to stop coronavirus. Coronavirus can not hold hostage entire globe for months or years in the hope that someday we will discover a cure against it. In a recent briefing WHO stated that an effective vaccine may take upto 12 months. Each country have some buffer stock for such uncertain event but these buffer stocks last for only a few days or months and at last, we have to come out to resume routine life to keep up with our existential fight.

The global economy has already crippled, only God knows when it will bounce back. Our Country’s more than 70 % of populations is dependent on the unorganized sector which doesn’t have any revival strategy.  If we extend this lockdown any further this recovery will be much tougher for a country with 1.35 billion Citizens.

States Proposed Lockdown Exit Plan

Central Government is identifying corona hot spots and possible red zones vulnerable to corona spread. So far 170 Hot Sport and Red Zones has identified, by 20 April 2020 government will cover all state territories to categories them into different zones as per spread

Corona Exit plan- 3 Possible Zones

After 20 April Central government will categories entire country in most probably in  below mentioned 3 type of zones

Red Zone:- These areas are the hot spot of corona disease. Complete lockdown will be effective in these zones till 3 May.

Orange Zone:- No new cases in these areas but conditional  lockdown for certain economical activities will be there. No public movement will be allowed.

Green Zone:- No corona cases in these areas. Most likely public movement with mandatory guidelines along with economic activities to be resumed as normal.

States Planning to Ease Lockdown Post 21 April

As soon as Central government issued guidelines for corona lockdown in phase 2 along with categorization of zones. Many states has started working upon lockdown exit strategy. Himachal Pardesh, Bihar and Rajasthan government has given indications that they will provide some relief to common people and commercial activities as per Central government’s guidelines. All these relaxations will be conditional in nature and in case of new corona case detection, will be terminated immediately and a complete lockdown will be effective for time specified by local authorities.

 Activities to be Resumed from 21 April

Lockdown exits plans are yet to formalized after 20 April’s evaluation though state governments are considering below mentioned set of activities(other than essential services) to allow during phasewise lockdown exit.

  1. Government offices with Minimum rotational staff (Public works Departments)
  2. Agriculture related activities ( Mandi, Farming Equipment industry, Seed and fertilizer sales points)
  3. Manufacturing units situated in Rural Areas
  4. Rural Employment Scheme (MANREGA)
  5. Currier Services 
  6. Online Delivery and E-commerce 
  7. Hospitality Industry (Hotels, Lodges, Home stays)
  8. Intrastate Public transport with limited frequency of vehicles

Most likely these activities will be allowed with general practicing of social distancing and basic precautionary measures in place.

What’s next after Lock-down 2.0

We should make up our mind that Corona is not going to be eradicated anytime soon, World health organization also has given such indications. A disease highly infectious in nature, without a cure will haunt public for long time. Corona crisis may extend to months until we find an effective cure or vaccine against it. The only effective exit strategy from this disease is Social Distancing and Precautions.

Let’s Support our government in this fight and sincerely follow all precautionary measure and social distancing to stop spread of this corona demon.

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