Career decision are very tough and decides the direction of our life. these decision are so powerful that our happiness and well being depend on them. Taking such decision are child play for few of us  and life and death situation for few. We always get confused about what our heart says and what our practical brain says ? if you are dealing with the same confusion this articles is for you. Lets understand what is our heart saying and what our brain speaks

How does Heart and Head work

Our body is developed in such a manner that we think multidimensional about each and every thing , sometimes we might not notice but we do it all the time. In reality heart doesn’t say anything ever , its just a pump whose work is to pump blood in body and its limited to that only.Whenever situation arises in front of us  2 opinions came to our mind one we call heart feeling and second is our mind both the feelings are from brain only but we call one as heart and other is head .

When our emotions effect our opinion we call it heart feeling or gut feeling and whenever our analytical brain puts out a thought we call it brain talking.

Why does our heart start behaving abnormal when put in uncomfortable or pleasurable situation ?

Our whole body runs on oxygen, each and every part need oxygen to work in optimum efficiency so whenever some unwanted situation arises that particular organ needs more energy and our brain directs our heart to supply more blood to needed place which we notice as raised heart beat or romantically can call heart skipping the beat.

Career Decision Process ?

To understand this multi opinion approach of our brain,we have to understand the very basics of our brain functioning. Our brain put out thought in 2 different dimensions

  1. Emotional thought- Bodily thoughts (Heart Feeling)
  2. Analytical thoughts- Brain thoughts

lets understand the both dimensions one by one

Emotional thought- Bodily thoughts:-

  • We humans are the most developed organism in this whole universe who can express their emotions in various forms ( Body gesture, Signs, Language etc)
  • Emotional thought are based on our bodily experiences and are very stable in nature. To change a bodily emotion or thought it takes little bit time and efforts. So whenever we have emotional thought we call our heart is speaking because we feel comfortable with this thought based on our past similar experience.
  • Heart Speaking or Emotional thought is our brain thoughts only and little slow in response time which makes us more comfortable to accept them.

Are emotional thought wrong ?

Emotions play  very crucial role in shaping our personality and making decisions. Emotional thoughts originates from past experiences so might not be correct all the time because every now and then we come across new situation.

Instant Analytical thoughts- Brain thoughts

Our brain store uncountable data from various sources and most of time we don’t even notice the source of that data. this data can be in form of text, videos, visuals, experience , planning or many more combinations.

When we need to make any decision  be it career or personal life or marriage partner, our analytical brain throw lot of weight behind the thoughts it is generating in our brain.

For example we need to make a decision about career what our brain analyse is

  1. What is our present situation
  2. Why do you need a career
  3. How do you see it
  4. Is it going to terminate your insecurities ( if any)
  5. How it will effect your surrounding etc

So we can see that instantly our brain analyses a situation on various front and put data to back each and every factor it consider important.  if someone put lots of attention to job security , our brain will give all the data related to job security and will suggest an option which satisfy this primary concern

With this explanation of our brain functioning in now we can easily understand how our heart and mind works in decision making.

Emotional thoughts are slow in nature and always follow analytical thought. Sometimes it takes time to bring emotions in control but it will always follow the analytical path of our brain.

What shall we choose as a Career ?

Now we understood how our brain put different opinions though we are still in fix to choose the right career path. There are situation we feel that i want something else in life but for a economical or social point of view  i should choose this path.

Choosing an economical sound career or a career where you really feel happy is not something we can call right or wrong decision

Career Decision Making

Humans are the brightest lot in living animal of planet earth  but most confused species at the same time because the brain which we posses is not something we completely understand. It takes time to come in terms with it and as soon as we start understanding our brain and its functions well, everything becomes easy.

While making career decision think about following things and try to answer truthfully to your brain. it will only give you one option which will be  always correct to you

  1. Is it something you really see yourself doing happy ?
  2. Is this career you choosing to get livelihood or to live your life ?
  3. What would you make feel proud ( Exclude your parents, family, Society everything)

If you truthfully answer above mentioned 3 question you will get your answer.

Suggestions and opinions expressed  in this article  is solely limited to the writer and his experience toward life.


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