Artificial Intelligence in short AI is the latest buzz word in technological arena. It is one of the most searched and researched subject in modern times. AI is going to change the face of mankind more than anything in human history. Some are intrigued with the immense possibilities AI creates to improve human life and lot many fear of human extinction because of self thinking programming.

What is Artificial Intelligence ?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch in computer science programming that deals with the intelligent behavior of machines. It is an ingeniously simulated ability of a machine to imitate human behavior and general human response for any random situation. AI made this possible by specific algorithm which works on various variable factors at same time. IN layman language we can say that an AI based algorithm works on past patterns check current variables and generate such a response that it carry out everyday activities more efficiently than a regular mind can.

History Of Artificial Intelligence

AI’s history is spanning for more than 70 years and evolved differently with every setback it faced during that period. At resent AI has been categorized as a matured technology that is capable of changing working dimension of every field which touches out lives.

How AI improve our life

Since last decade or so AI based equipment became mainstream and being used in everyday life. In our day to day life people call machine learning as AI but in reality Artificial intelligence a wide ocean of possibility whereas ML is a nano particle of this ocean. Most AI developers are now focusing on developing such a models that would efficiently replace direct human effort. Many fear of loosing job to AI based systems but in reality this part is not to worry as AI improves efficiency of performing  task and to apply that AI based system we still need humans.

What are the major ares where AI can Improve our life without threat a to Human Existence

Artificial Intelligence is an enabler to humans to perform tasks accurately in a specific time frame with optimum utilization of available resources.

Following are the sectors working on AI based systems to increase acceptability and affordability

  1. Education
  2. Health Care
  3. Security and Surveillance
  4. Media and entertainment
  5. Manufacturing industry
  6. Food Industry
  7. Travel and transportation

Life treating possibilities arising due to AI

So far we have seen the brighter side of Artificial intelligence. The question arises is there a dark side as well or its just of basic human nature of seeing things with negative aspect. The answer is big no .. its not just our fear or human instinct, The Threat is Real and lot many Scientist, philosophers , developers etc have shown their concern regarding same.

Famous personalities fear for AI and its impact on Human Existence

  • Stephen Hawking:-

Image result for stephen hawking aiThe world-renowned theoretical physicist  fears about the long term implication of AI, and the impact it might leave on humanity. He quoted “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race. It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever-increasing rate”


  • Bill Gates :-

Image result for bill gatesFounder of Microsoft and Philanthropist Bill Gates is one among the personalities most concerned about Artificial intelligence. He said that at first machines will do lots of job for us and wouldn’t be super intelligent which should be postive if we are able to manage it. After few decade of this normalcy we would feel that Machine intelligence is strong enough to be concerned about our existence.

  • Elon Musk:-

Image result for elon muskTesla Founder and Innovator

Elon strongly recommend a regulatory framework nationally or internationally so we dont end up doing something stupid with the technology.

Artificial Intelligence a Technology Today and Tomorrow

  • Nick Bostrom:-

Image result for nick bostromA Swedish-born philosopher and polymath with a background in theoretical physics, computational neuroscience, logic, and artificial intelligence, as well as philosophy. Bostrom stresses on whether with all the AI advances, will robots be able to share the values associated with wisdom and intellectual development in



  • James Barret:-

Image result for our final invention artificial intelligence and end of human eraThe renowned author of the  book ” Our final Invention ” Artificial Intelligence and end of Human Era” expresses his fear related to technological advancement an AI based machine can achieve. he quoted “I don’t want to really scare you, but it was alarming how many people I talked to who are highly placed people in AI who have retreats that are sort of ‘bug out’ houses, to which they could flee if it all hits the fan

These are the only few examples we came across but there is a huge segment who thinks on the same line. the people who are working with AI for long and have seen the transformation it bring in our lives are more concerned than the ordinary person who is busy with his daily life.

 AI a friend or Foe ?

Only time will tell the real impact of artificial intelligence on human life but one thing is very clear that we need to make  regulatory guidelines to follow globally. As of now we need AI to bring much wanted ease of doing things with help of technology  but in long run we have to keep a strong vigil on the path its leading us to follow. AI can develop things beyond our comprehension and by the time we know what it has created will to too late to take u-turn to undo it.


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